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"This musical should be seen now. It is an important piece of theatre with a desire to explain the longevity of this epidemic of undermining women’s value, strength, and possibilities. Madwomen will generate conversations well after the lights have dimmed and the audience has left the theatre."

- Myrona DeLaney, UC Irvine

After a suicide attempt, bipolar songwriter Hannah finds herself in a psychiatric hospital with various “madwomen” from history—Vivien Leigh, Zelda Fitzgerald, Camille Claudel, Mary Todd Lincoln and Juana “La Loca” of Castile. Mary, who has been assigned to lead group therapy in the doctor’s absence, encourages the patients to role-play the famous men in one another’s lives. These talented men, including Hannah’s pop star boyfriend, have both inspired and outshone their partners. The women grapple with the love, admiration, and envy that consume them. With the help of one another—and an unexpected ghost—the women begin to heal.


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